John Teng’s Background

John Joseph Teng was born to a Chinese father from Mainland China, and a Caucasian mother of German, Irish, and Scottish descent from Upstate New York.  During his youth when multiracial marriages were still very rare, John felt like he didn’t fit in well anywhere.  But John’s extensive world travels as an adult helped him realize that his multi-ethnic background has been a gift that has given him the ability to understand and empathize with other world cultures.  John’s uniquely personal perspective of both Eastern and Western cultures has taught him to respect, relate, and communicate with people from all ethnicities, cultures, races religions, and orientations, realizing that the world is growing smaller and smaller, and people need to be able to build good relationships on common beliefs and interests in order to preserve peace and good will as a part of the human race.  In keeping with that spirit, John speaks three languages: Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and English, which allows him to hold a conversation with almost anyone that he meets in his travels around the world.

A few more aspects about John Teng are as follows:

  • Founder of Midlife Magazine LLC
  • Professional Civil Engineer
  • International Motivational Speaker
  • Married man of 13 years
  • Father of 4 children
  • Men’s Physique athlete
  • Competitive Ballroom Dancer
  • Eagle Scout

Although today John has garnered significant success in many facets of his life, his early years as a youth were full of tragedy and challenge. John spent most of his formative years as a potential “statistic” of the results of growing up in an environment of poverty, abuse, fear, anger, and loneliness, and desperation.  His parents would divorce soon after the death of John’s only sibling, who suffered and passed away from  Leukemia at the age of 5 years old.  Soon thereafter, John would then wake up at 8 years of aged without a father, in a new state without friends, and too young to help his newly divorced mother pay for the basic necessities of their new life together that no longer included his sister or his father.  John defied the “statistics” of his disadvantaged childhood background by choosing to make better choices than what society had assumed from him.

Today John has conveyed that same spirit of defining life on your own terms, into the conversation of  Midlife Magazine which John founded as a way to inspire his  middle-age peers to rewrite the scripts of their own personal backgrounds, to accomplish great things in their own lives, and to fully enjoy the gift of life that given to each human being as a precious and fleeting experience.