Hero Mindset

About This Book

Men and women 30 years of age and beyond are living during some of the most adventurous, yet incredibly treacherous years of their lives.  The heavy responsibilities of making a living, nurturing and protecting important relationships, caring for their own physical and mental wellbeing, and adapting to the natural effects of the aging process, represent only a short list of the seemingly insurmountable stressors that can cause many people to experience what society refers to as a “crisis.”

The Hero Mindset will help shift your perspective from being that of a “victim of circumstance” when traumatic difficulties arise, to instead realizing that your challenges can represent the beginning of an epic hero’s journey that you can embark upon.  To accomplish this, the Hero Mindset will provide you with a very powerful yet simple-to-understand “map” that will help safely guide you through the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your life, avoid the potential pitfalls that still lay in front of you, and arrive at the most meaningful and fulfilling “destinations” you could ever have dreamed possible!